What are the "Early Days of Spokane Broadcasting?"

Since the titles "The Early Days of Spokane Broadcasting" and "The Early Days of Spokane Radio" are quoted throughout this web site, a word of explanation about what it is is needed. These refer to a collection of notes, letters, and interviews of people involved with and events concerning the early pioneers of radio broadcasting in Spokane that Carl Partlow and Thorwald O. "Jorgie" Jorgenson had assembled. The collection also contains an incomplete manuscript that these gentlemen had intended to use to publish this work in time for the Spokane Centennial, but unfortunately it never happened.

Thanks to Dean Carriveau, who obtained the collection from a sale of Jean Jorgenson's estate (Thorwald Jorgenson's widow), I have access to the information contained in this collection. Their collection is a treasure trove of information and by quoting and by paraphrasing excerpts from their work, I would like to share at least part of their enthusiasm with you. Whenever I use this source, I will provide a full citation. In reading their writings and the writings of many of those with whom they corresponded, one can feel their passion for the early history of Spokane radio.

As I posthumously dedicate these pages to these two gentlemen, I hope to convey at least some of their passion to you, the readers, in these pages.

Bill Harms - updated 25 August 2007


  • Jorgenson, Thorwald and Partlow, Carl. The Early Days of Spokane Radio or also called The Early Days of Spokane Broadcasting. Spokane, Washington. ca 1980.

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  • Emil Olson's station - Said to be the first station in Spokane to broadcast music
  • KFZ - Licensed by Doerr-Mitchell Company - The first licensed commericial broadcast station in Spokane
  • KOE - Licensed by the Spokane Chronicle Newspaper
  • KFDC/KFPY/KXLY - Humble beginnings to major market force
  • KHQ - 1922 to present
  • KFIO/KLYK/KSPO/KRSS/KSBN - Claims to be the oldest operating station in Spokane
  • KGA - Started in 1927
  • KREM - Started broadcasting in the late 1940's
  • KVNI - Coming Soon.
  • KZUN Opportunity - "The Voice of Spokane Valley" from 1955 to 1985.
  • KCFA and KMBI
  • KUDY etc - Coming Soon.
  • KPEG/KEZE/KCKO - Started out as an all-female station with the all announcers named Peg.
  • KLFF Mead - The short history of "Clef Radio"
  • KDNC/KXXR/KSVY - Started out on the Moran Prairie and ended up in the Spokane Valley.
  • KTWD - Spokane's first commercial FM only station and first FM Stereo station. Established in 1966 by Terry Denbrook.


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