Wurlitzer Organ at KFPY and KXLY

This is a picture of the Wurlitzer Organ installed at KFPY and KXLY. The gentleman in the middle is pioneer broadcaster Adrian DeVries. I am not sure who the other two gentlemen are. If you know let me know.

According to the Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society's web page, this organ was originally installed December 1924 in Long Beach, California as opus #977, a Style D. It was later installed in 1933 at the Arcade Theatre in Los Angeles. Then in 1934, it was moved to KFPY in Spokane. In 1953, the organ was installed the Rolladium skating rink in Seattle. It ended up in private home in 1960.

Photo courtesy of Tom Read, American Pioneer Broadcasters, Spokane, Washington.

Compiled and edited by Bill Harms - updated 11 September 2007